Master in Distance Education

Rebecca Hatherley MDDE.pngNote: I have graduated.

I am currently working on my Master of Distance Education through Athabasca University. I have completed the following courses MDDE 601, MDDE 603, MDDE 604 , MDDE 617, MDDE 602, MDDE605, MDDE 611, MDDE 613,
MDDE612, MDDE610, and I am currently taking MDDE622.

All of my notes and learning for the first three courses were recorded in my moleskin journals, but one day I was looking for something in one of the journals and it took me too long to find it. I was frustrated that my journals didn't have a search engine embedded in their design. I knew then and there that I needed to change how I documented my learning for my MDE.

In addition to this "search engine" problem, I have been thinking of what Stephen Downes said in one of his videos, Web 2.0 and Your Own Learning and Development (time: 5:55). He said, "It's hard for other people to share what they know with you, if you're not willing to share what you know with them. Interaction is the sort of thing a lot people say, 'well... I just don't have time... it takes too long.' But really, you have to make it a priority, you have to make it a habit, you have to make it the sort of thing you do automatically every day."

So, here I am... I am sharing what I know with YOU. Perhaps you'd be willing to share what you know with me, and together we can create connections to increase our learning.

Join the wiki, add your course, and share what you feel comfortable with sharing. (Remember to cite/attribute/link resources.) If you are currently taking the same course as me, or have taken a course I have taken, and are able to express ideas more clearly or more simply or expand on ideas - feel free to do so. I hope we can learn collaboratively from each other -- collaborative learning involves mashing up OUR ideas, not putting our ideas side-by-side.

Feel free to contact me to request to look at any of my previous assignments or just to chat. No, really contact me, I want to connect!

-Rebecca Hatherley
FrznGuruon Twitter

Note: I took the courses in the following order: MDDE603, MDDE601, MDDE604, MDDE617, MDDE602, MDDE605, MDDE611. MDDE613, MDDE612, MDDE610, and lastly MDDE 622.