MDDE 604: Instructional Design in Distance Education

My instructor was: Griff Richards


MDDE 604: Instructional Design in Distance Education is a project-based course that introduces instructional design principles and explores their application in a realistic way. Step by step, you will work through the various stages of the instructional systems design (ISD) process, designing and developing distance learning materials. In the role of instructional designer, you will systematically create a unit of instruction or learning object that meets an educational need or solves a performance problem you have identified.


MDDE 604 is more applied than most other core courses in the Master of Distance Education program. As you design and develop the instructional unit that forms the basis of this course, you will apply the skills, knowledge, and concepts you were introduced to in MDDE 603: Foundations of Instructional Design: Systems Analysis and Learning Theory. Moreover, the distance education concepts introduced in MDDE 601: Introduction to Distance Education and Training also provide the foundation for understanding the context in which your instructional materials will be delivered.

Course Outline

  • Unit 1: Introduction to ISD
  • Unit 2: The Analysis Phase
  • Unit 3: Goal Analysis, Learning Outcomes & Student Assessment
  • Unit 4: The Design Phase
  • Unit 5: Development & Implementation
  • Unit 6: Formative & Summative Evaluation
  • Unit 7: The Future of and Alternatives to ISD